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Whether you live on a mountaintop in New Mexico or in an apartment in Manhattan, COVID-19 is gradually overtaking all of us. Here in NJ, we are sealed in our homes; our businesses are shuttered; and we're resorting to internet connectivity for work and school

We have suspended manufacturing for the foreseeable future. Our suppliers are shuttered; parts are in short supply. Although we will continue to fill orders out of existing inventory, replenishment is paused. At this quiet time, we are continuing software updates from home. This includes especially reports of software bugs, but also requests for a new feature, even if it's outside of our normal product line. Our mission to help you with automation and security of your observatory remains.

Send all your comments and requests to:

This email is now forwarded directly to my cell phone, which I always carry. Let's take this time at home to do some serious astronomy and to plan your upgrades.

In this regard, consider this: A lot of your effort in your observatory is dedicated to starting up and shutting down. So think about a script to this for you. To automate photography, take a look at CCDcommander (<$) or ACP ($) or ACP Expert ($$). ACP and ACP Expert integrate with SkyX so these are a natural add-on for what you have. CCDcommander is an easy entry level package with a ton of capability. You will be amazed at all you can do!

Now that I have some spare time, I'm going to write up some pointers on scripting to introduce you to this powerful tool, some examples you can try and encouragement if you get stuck. Stay tuned.

Also, if you free yourself from routine tasks, you will have more time to post-process/research your images.

So, my suggestion is: Take this idle time to further automate. When life returns to normal, you will have greatly improved your astronomy experience.

Best to all and stay safe.
Stan Ralph

HELPING YOU ACHIEVE MORE. Foster Systems, LLC offers expertly-manufactured products to individuals, educational institutions, dealers and wholesalers worldwide.

Chances are that you are able to use your observatory only a few nights a month. Work, school, and other activities intervene. That means often, the best nights are overtaken by other responsibilities. If you take simple steps, your observatory can be utilized whenever weather or moon permits!

When you automate your observatory, even if partially at first, you can use your telescope even remotely at great distances. And with the right software, such as ACP Expert, this changes everything. Never miss a clear night again.

Our heritage is one of innovation, offering products that astronomers need. At Foster Systems, we're astronomers who have designed the AstroMC line of observatory automation equipment and software. All our products are engineered for the specific needs of your automation project.

Now in our 13th year, the company has been known for superior product quality. And at affordable pricing, making observatory ASCOM compliant automation available to everyone. We’re proud to continue with those same values and mission today.

Whether it's one of our roof controllers, dome controllers or our line of add-ons such as the AstroAlert weather monitor, our AtPark Monitor integration system, or our ScopeShutter aperture cover, the AstroMC product family makes life easy for the serious observer.

Automation of your Roof/Dome allows autonomous operation, allowing your obaservatory to become up to 90% utilized so that you can concentrate on the images and science. In the end, your observatory is a complex tool. Making that tool more automatic gives you time to pursue this exciting science.

AstroMC... Elegant Automation for Serious Astronomers
Roof Control Image

Roof Control
4 different styles of roll off, Hub, S/W

Dome Rotation Control Image

Dome Rotation Control
ExploraDome, DDW, Custom, Hub, S/W

Dome Shutter Control Image

Dome Shutter Control
Connects wirelessly to our Dome Controller

AstroHaven ASCOM Driver Image

AstroHaven ASCOM Driver
Special! NEAF/NEAIC discount

Dome Hand Control Image

Dome Hand Control
Manually control rotation or shutter with this control unit.

AstroAlert Version 5 Image

AstroAlert Version 5
New Full Featured Weather Monitor

AstroGraph Image

Graph your weather conditions over time

AtPark Monitor II Image

AtPark Monitor II
Shorter range unit

AtPark Monitor Image

AtPark Monitor
Longer range unit for larger observatories

ScopeShutter Plus Image

ScopeShutter Plus
Actuator plus controller

USB Virtual Monitor Image

USB Virtual Monitor
Extends Desktop