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When undertaking the automation of your observatory, there is more to plan than just a Roll off Roof. Among the key considerations are:

· What is the reliability of my power? Can I afford to leave the roof/shutter open until power is restored? Go here

· What is the capacity (amps) of my power supply? Should I consider a single source or multiple adapters? Go here

· How will I detect deteriorating weather conditions? What actions must I take if conditions are Unsafe? Go here

· Will my roof damage my telescope if not in the Park Position? How do I prevent that? Go here

· How do I detect dewing/fogging conditions. How do I manage my dew heaters? Go here

The best strategy to address these issues is to decide what you want to accomplish. Are you an "eyepiece" astronomer? Do you want to enter into the exciting world of astro-imaging? Do you want to operate your observatory remotely? Even if "remote" means from your den to your backyard?

At Foster Systems, we're astronomers who have designed the AstroMC line of observatory automation equipment and software. All our products are engineered for the specific needs of your automation project.

Whether it's one of our roof controllers or our line of add-ons such as the AstroAlert weather monitor, our AtPark Monitor integration system, or our ScopeShutter aperture cover, the AstroMC product family makes life easy for the serious observer.

The AstroMC Hub is available fully packaged with Emergency Stop button or as a board level product. Among the many capabilities are:

·ASCOM Roll-off-Roof Control. More here
·ASCOM Safety interface
·Local and scriptable Power Control
·Automatic Fogging Control
·Prime Power Safety Monitor that can trigger orderly shutdown script
·Scope AtPark Monitor interface that prevents a Roll-off-Roof from closing
·Text Messaging and Email Alerts
·Local and scriptable ScopeShutter Aperture Dust/Pollen Cover
·Weather monitor interface with additional safety processing
·AstroGraph weather trend graphing and logging software
·ASCOM Compliant with Open Scriptable Integration
·Compatible with ACP Expert, ACP, CCD Commander, CCD Autopilot, Sky X

AstroMC... Elegant Automation for Serious Astronomers