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Observatory Control and Safety

Observatory Control and Safety
Roof Control Image

Roof Control
4 different styles of roll off, Hub, S/W

Dome Rotation Control Image

Dome Rotation Control
ExploraDome, DDW, Custom, Hub, S/W

Dome Shutter Control Image

Dome Shutter Control
Connects wirelessly to our Dome Controller

AstroHaven ASCOM Driver Image

AstroHaven ASCOM Driver
Special! NEAF/NEAIC discount

Dome Package Image

Dome Package
Rotation, Shutter, radio,Hub,S/W Pkg

Temp Humid kit Image

Temp Humid kit
Plugs into all our hubs

12 VDC Power Adapter Image

12 VDC Power Adapter
Regulated 12VDC supply

Power Monitor Image

Power Monitor
Prime Power Monitor for our hubs

Dome Hand Control Image

Dome Hand Control
Manually control rotation or shutter with this control unit.

AstroAlert Version 5 Image

AstroAlert Version 5
New Full Featured Weather Monitor

AstroGraph Image

Graph your weather conditions over time

AtPark Monitor II Image

AtPark Monitor II
Shorter range unit

AtPark Monitor Image

AtPark Monitor
Longer range unit for larger observatories

ScopeShutter Plus Image

ScopeShutter Plus
Actuator plus controller