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Within the first 30 days after receipt, we have planned for up to 1 hour of phone support with each of your system level purchases. This includes:
- Roll off Roof controllers
- Dome Rotation controllers
- Dome Shutter controllers
- AstroAlert weather monitor
- ScopeShutter

No other system integrator allows for this level of post sale support.

Nevertheless, some customers may require additional help, especially after our equipment and software are working, but integration with other software components (e.g. ACP, CCD Commander, CCD Autopilot, The Sky and Sky X, or ASCOM mount drivers.

We can additional integration phone support for you at your your observatory PC whereever it is, so far Kuwait and Malaysia being the distance winners. We have here most of the major software packages and can assist as required.

As time goes by, the assurance of immediate support is re-assuring. Our
$35 per month will give you up to 8 hours of login support with all your integration and computer needs.

We want you to be successful. Let us help you through the start-up and continuing support.

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