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AtPark Monitor II

AtPark Monitor II Image

This device produces focused, monochrome light. The light reflects on a 1" diameter button and returns to the device. When placed on your telescope OTA, the reflector will "reflect" back to the sensor only when the OTA is in a specific location in RA and DEC (the park position). Any other orientation will not put the beam on the sensor.

If light is not on the sensor, an electrical circuit (2 wires) will "open". When these wires are incorporated in series with the SafeLoop, our controllers will inhibit roof/shutter movement when the "loop" is broken (OTA not in position).

Includes a small reflector, suitable for mounting on your OTA or rail.

Our AtPark combiner package allows for 3 of these sensors to be integrated in series and also will supply 12 VDC to the connected sensors.

12VDC is required for integration without our combiner. Bracket included

Our most recent Roof and Dome Rotation controllers have 4 terminals which will accept the appropriate wiring and power for the combiner. So all you need is the sensor and a bracket. Check on your controller board. If the board version is E3 or higher (e.g. E5,F2), then you have an AtPark capable board.

Your Price:$63.00
Weight:1.500 lbs