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Automated Shutter control for motorized 1 or 2 piece shutters. Opens, Closes and Vents shutter using Hand Control (included) or optionally, via wireless connection to our Dome Rotation controller.

Accommodates crossed wiring differences and has Test feature. Connector panel is designed for easy integration with dome motorization kit ( sold separately by dome manufacturer).

Solid state motor drivers are quiet and will supply up to 15 amps to your motors. Motor drivers are capable of ramping the motors to control shutter speed. An optional relay package (shown in picture) is available upon request.

Monitors battery charge and alerts the PC when capacity has dropped to critical levels.

The controller comes with a 90-day limited warranty as a board product and a 1-year limited warranty if provide in our box which includes full cable set for quick integration.

Requires 12 VDC. Most customers use a small (motorcycle sized) gel battery, but the battery will require charging. Plan for a pair of wiper contacts (low voltage only!!) that make contact at the dome Park Position. This will allow you to trickle charge your battery when the dome is not in use.

Your Price:$355.20
Weight:1.500 lbs