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Although it's very straightforward to make your own shutter cover from the drawing we supply with your bracket, we can have one built for you.

Our hand built shutter covers are made from high quality 3/16" plywood, are pre-drilled for attachment to your ScopeShutter Actuator and are unfinished. The example shown here covers an 8" aperture telescope with "side opening" to avoid multiple piggy-back scopes, is painted flat black and has a 1/4" closed cell foam cushion attached to the front and back. Note that the shutters covering the piggy-back scopes are prototypes that preceded the final design.

To order a custom shutter:
Measure the diameter of your Optical Tube at the front edge. It likely will be about 1" larger than your aperture. Add an additional 2" to that measurement. This is the diameter of your shutter.

For example, a 9" aperture might have a 10" Optical Tube diameter, resulting in a 12" diameter shutter. So you would order the 12" size. If your size does not equal one of our standard covers, you can either round up or down with the understanding that you will have either more or less overlap.

These covers are hand made and are shipped unfinished. Starting at $50.00. Delivery in 3-4 weeks.

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