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ScopeShutter is here on limited release.

After 3 years of engineering design and prototypes, we have finally achieved a satisfactory approach. This unit has a custom machined bracket, which attaches firmly to your telescope's Optical Tube using heavy duty adjustable straps. The bracket holds a highly specialized linear servo actuator which pushes an arm that opens the shutter.

The servo allows fine adjustment of the shutter open and closed positions.

The bracket can be mounted in any orientation around your Optical Tube. Whether Top, Bottom, Side East, or Side West (as shown here). the bracket remains rigid and provides exceptional holding strength.

The unit will support Optical Tube sizes from 3" to 24". We recommend using high quality 5-ply "airplane grade" plywood with a 5-6 mm thickness. We'll provide a drawing so that you can make the actual shutter for your own needs or we can supply one.

Note on this cover, we've applied a closed cell foam seal, but you can use window insulation tape around your Optical Tube perimeter to result in the same seal.

Comes with a 12" 3-wire cable, mounting straps, hardware for the shutter, and adhesive non-slip tape to assure solid attachment. No screws are required; tape may be removed without damage to your telescope.

Plugs into ScopeShutter Controller, sold separately. Extension cables are sold separately.

Shipment wil take 2 weeks during the limited release period.

Your Price:$305.00
Weight:0.800 lbs