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Tick Counter Upgrade Kit

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An upgrade you will want to have for your existing Foster Systems Dome Automation System!

We have greatly improved upon the two versions of the “tick counter” we have previously shipped. The earliest version was susceptible to changes dome shape resulting from temperature variations, thereby causing miscounting of the “tick” and eventual dome pointing errors. This system also had relatively “low” pointing resolution that translated into about plus or minus 2 degrees for an 8' dome or a possible total of 4 degrees of error; this is the most critical when using a larger OTA or combinations of multiple OTA’s in smaller domes.

With a vision of constant engineering improvement, the introduction of the latest Tick Counter delivers twice the precision not possible with the older systems. The extra precision results in twice the tracking accuracy for rock solid performance, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

And the new tick counting system delivers all this at a price much less than one high resolution industrial encoder.

The heart of the new system is a custom, CNC machined encoder wheel, made in-house using a durable all-weather laminate, that can survive extreme conditions. The electronics are designed in-house and are fully plug and play compatible with your existing Foster Systems AstroMC system.

Kits are delivered with all hardware included to convert to the new system. A video with detailed installation instructions is also provided.

If you would like us to install the encoder to your existing drive gear that can be done for a small additional charge which includes return shipping to US addresses. Contact us for International shipping.

See our YouTube Channel instructional video at:

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