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Alinco DM-330MVT Power Supplies offer a combination of high-quality space-saving components and high-efficiency switching technology. This makes it possible for their switching supplies to be super-compact and easy to carry for portable operations and still generate a high continuous output.

Alinco's communication technology has created a patent-pending Noise-Offset circuit to eliminate the pulse-noise of the switching circuit.

Safety protections are also very important. Alinco power supplies come with short circuit protection, a current-limiting system and extreme temperature protection.

Their programmable pre-set voltage function makes these power supplies even easier to use. Just store the most frequently used voltage in the memory, and it is constantly ready to go.

For added convenience a big, highly visible, back-lit Amp/Volt meter displays the status of the operation of these switching supplies.

DM-330MVT Switching Supply specifications:

* Input voltage: 120 Vac
* Output voltage: 5 to 15 Vdc variable
* Output current: 32A (max), 30A (continuous)
* Ripple: less than 15mV p-p at rated load
* Output voltage variation: less than 2 percent
* Programmable pre-set voltage function
* Protection: short-circuit, Automatic current limiting over 32A, over-temperature
* Fuse: 8A
* Meter: single volt/current meter, back-lit
* Size: 6.890 (w) x 2.638 (h) x 5.315 (d) in.
* Weight: 4.4 lbs

We have used this power supply for 12 years, continuously ON with no errors or problems. This is the gold standard or reliable operation.

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