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This week only! Special price for NEAF/NEAIC
At last, Foster Systems has developed an ASCOM certified compliant driver for the AstroHaven* automated dome. This driver installs in your Windows PC and connects via USB adapter (or direct) to the RS-232 inteface on your dome.

Features include:
- Ability to incrementally open or close each quadrisphere (each half of the dome)
- Ability to Open and Close fully each half
- Ability to set up %Open for each side
- All Stop function
- Ability to select each half or combination of both to activate upon an ASCOM Shutter Open or ASCOM Shutter Close.
- ASCOM interface is available through standard ASCOM Chooser.

Try it for free for 30 days.

The name and email that you use at checkout is used to produce your registration key. The program is downloadable at the Download Center. Windows 7, Windows 10. This program requires that the latest ASCOM framework be installed.

Take advantage of the low introductory price!

*The name AstroHaven is the property of AstroHaven Enterprises.

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