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Fully integrated with our AstroAlert weather monitor, this graphing tool shows vividly the sky conditions that are preceding the current weather.

The top chart shows Relative Sky Temperature, the astronomer's best assessment and predictive tool for conditions at the observatory. The horizontal lines show the Cloudy and VeryCloudy Thresholds that you have set in the Setup window. If the RelSKyTemperature is at or higher a threshold, the color changes to give you an unmistakable cue. If the RelSkyTemperature exceeds VeryCloudy, the chart background turn Red; if the RelSkyTemperature is less than Cloudy, the chart background turns Green.

The next chart shows the Ambient Temperature (upper red line) and Dew Point (lower blue line). When there are potential dewing conditions, both lines turn yellow. If you have one of our roof or dome hubs, this also indicates that the Dew Management relay is activated and cycling at the duty cycle you've selected.

The lower left chart shows Day, Dusk, Dark brightness (red line) and rain conditions at the times indicated by the blue fill areas.

The lower right chart shows Relative Humidity and average Wind Speed with the optional wind speed monitor Add-on to our AstroAlert.

The "moving windows" of weather data can be Paused/Resumed without loss of input data or the data can be Cleared. A simple print of the screen is also supported.

The software will also accept the Boltwood I or II one-line formats, so you have a choice of weather monitors available. It also supports "network shared" formats so that your weather monitor can be on one PC (e.g. at your observatory) and the AstroGraph software can be running on the same local network on the PC in your home.

Full color printing of a snapshot of the screen. The software produces
.bmp, .jpg, .png and .tif image file formats, continuously updated, which are available for your personal website. You can even set the path so that an image is written to a shared drive on you local network.

The name and email that you use at checkout is used to produce your registration key. The program is downloadable at the Download Center. Windows 7, Windows 10. This program requires that the latest ASCOM framework be installed.

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