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SmartSwitch is a compact circuit board that allows for PC control via USB of 6 independent components. Small enough and light enough to be mounted on your counterweight or fork, this unit cleans up the mass of power cables that plague observatories.

The SmartSwitch allows the option of supplying either a passive contact closure or 12 VDC (up to 5 amps total). Passive or power mode is selectable on the board with a jumper strap.

LEDs on the board show you which contact connector is active.

All that is required is a 12 VDC cable and a USB cable.

A PC driver program is supplied that allows each switch to be activated individually, either manually or via script. Full integration with our Roof and Dome controllers gives you complete control over Startup and Shutdown operations with a single script.

Available currently as a board only product.

Your Price:$249.50